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Canadian Minister of Immigration announces new boost for International Students

Canadian Minister of Immigration announces new boo

November 16th, 2012

Mr. Jason Kenny has announced that in the coming year, more spaces for permanent residents under the... Read More »

Canada is #1 in Global Reputation for the Second Consecutive Year

Canada is #1 in Global Reputation for the Second C

November 15th, 2012

The Reputation Institute, through its Country RepTrak analysis, ranks the world’s 50 most reputab... Read More »

Planning on studying in Canada? A checklist for parents and students

Planning on studying in Canada? A checklist for pa

October 11th, 2012

Do! • Realistically assess preparedness for study abroad. Some will need more maturity or dis... Read More »

Avoid Cell Shock!

Avoid Cell Shock!

October 11th, 2012

Back-to-school season is here – a time when tech-savvy students and parents are often looking fo... Read More »

Why Study in Canada?

World-class universities!

Canada’s public system of richly funded research universities means the tuition fees international students pay are much less than for comparable universities in the U.S.A.

So many options!

Business. Engineering. Biotechnology. Pre-med. Media. Health Sciences. Canada’s flexibility permits you to change or combine degrees, and work with study through our “co-op” programs.

Jobs. Careers. Your future!

Studying in Canada means you can work while a student, and get a three-year work permit after graduation. Canada has a special program so you can become a permanent resident very fast after graduation. If you want, you can become a Canadian permanent resident as soon as 2 years after you graduate!


Expert Counselling.

Get expert advice. Choosing a program, a university, even a country is complicated. We will study your profile and see if you are a good fit to study in Canada, and if so, which institutions and programs should be your focus.

Great Service.

We take care of everything: step-by-step guidance as you apply to your degree, confirm admission, transfer monies to the university, get on-campus accommodation, or organize your arrival details.

It’s free.

We are paid by the universities for our services. There are no charges except for the university application fees or extra or exceptional services like custodianship or airport pick-up. There are other “freebies” too like your own phone sim card you can use to connect with your family as soon as you arrive in Canada!

Great Universities

Fantastic facilities, fun campus life, amazing research centres and direct contact with professors attract top students worldwide. Read More »

Great Value

Compare! Canada’s system of richly funded government universities means you get great quality at less cost than those of similar quality in other countries. Read More »

Great Futures

Canada offers the most welcoming society to international students, and even up to 3 year post graduation work permits and fast permanent resident status. Read More »

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