1. An Experience for Lifetime

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    It feels great when you breathe the air of colorfulness and are surrounded by thousands of new flashing faces, lively spirited souls and rejoicing voices.  I experienced the same on Aug 31- Orientation Day at my university for 1st year students. As I walked down the hallway, a sense of...
  2. Canada Calling

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    As I finally decided to start my new journey, there lied numerous tasks and a great deal of planning. At first, the whole idea of living without family, especially without my brother, wasn’t accepted but at certain times we have to bid farewell to the most dear things and people...
  3. Why I Chose Canada

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    There is a common phrase which goes like, “Nothing in life is constant”. I strongly believe in the same. When I look back to the bygone days, majorly past 6 – 8 months, a sense of contentment and gratification overwhelms me. Whenever I reminisce the time spent in India- crafting...