Free Counselling

For CUAC universities, applying through the CUAC is the only option. Why? Two reasons.

Reason Number 1.

CUAC universities receive thousands of applications a year.

They want to focus their energies on students with a realistic chance of admission. This requires a serious review and screening of each student’s qualifications.

They also want to make sure that those students who do not have a realistic chance of admission don’t waste their time and money on applying.

Reason Number 2.

Choosing a university requires expert advice.

Many students choose the wrong program or even the wrong university for what they wish to achieve. So, CUAC universities ensure the right students are selected by them and that the students are selecting the right university for themselves.

At the CUAC we offer personalized advice to suit each student’s individual circumstances.

This is a free service – there is no cost to this advice and no cost for our service to apply to any or many CUAC universities.

You only have to pay the application fee of the university which is usually $60 to $100 and only if you decide to apply if we have advised that you are a seroius candidate.*

*A visa processing fee may apply in certain countries where this is a requirement. Consult the country page responsible for where you are living to see if visa processing is done by our office and the cost for it.

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