Luv and Kush Aggarwal – India

Sometimes the simplest solution is all it takes – University of Windsor

Luv and Kush Aggarwal, India

It was a simple solution but it took two second year engineering students to come up with it. One month into their work placement with a leading Canadian manufacturing company, twin brothers Luv and Kush Aggarwal discovered a solution that would save their company lots of time, resources and expenses.

“We noticed that some machines were operated by two people getting paid approximately $110 a day each, when the job could have been done by just one person. We also noticed that some machines were running all day although they weren’t being used, costing the company extra expenses on power,” explained Kush Aggarwal.

Their proposed solutions saved the company $5000 a month and the brothers were promoted from machine operators to coordinators. In their new roles, they were responsible for training employees on operating the machines and handling health and safety issues.

Luv and Kush received future job offers at the company but they declined as they prepare to head back to classes in the fall. They have even been offered subsequent co-op placements with the company but they would rather diversify their experience.

The brothers, who are on an outstanding scholar’s award for engineering that grants five to ten thousand dollars plus a paid research position in their senior years, are also very active on campus. They are both helping organize Windsor Welcome Week, a series of events designed to orient new students at the beginning of the school year.

In addition, Luv is also the Engineering Representative for UWSA, representing his fellow engineering students to the deans and department heads in matters related to their faculty. He also volunteers in Walk Safe, a security program designed to assist students walking around campus late at night by providing them with a familiar face to walk with.

Kush is equally active on the campus scene. Elected as the International Student Representative this year, he will regularly meet with the university President, Vice President, International Student Organisation and Registrar to raise the concerns of international students.

“We noticed that there were less menu items for vegetarians, such as Indian students following strict dietary requirements, so effective this coming school year, I will try to incur more vegetarian options at school cafeterias.” explained Kush.

Both the twins’ parents, as well as their uncles and aunts are fourth-generation medical doctors, but the fact that the brothers deviated from the path does not affect the support they receive from their family. They made an excellent choice, one that they stand by whole heartedly – as Luv puts it: “Windsor is an amazing place, so many things to do, so many friends to be with, and an opportunity to exercise independence.”

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