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How to find an MBA program that suites you – Saint Mary’s University

Meghna Kararia, in the background is the Halifax Harbour Bridge which connects Halifax to Dartmouth.

Meghna Kararia did her homework carefully when researching which MBA school to apply to. For the longest time she compared MBA schools from Australia, the U.K. and Canada before deciding on SOBEY MBA program at Saint Mary’s University.

“What stood out to me about Saint Mary’s was the fact that the program is AACSB accredited and the location- the vibrant city of Halifax.” said Meghna.

For a business school to be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) it means it is committed to delivering the highest standard of business education worldwide.

“Studying in Canada is a 360 degree change for me; in India, interacting with your professors is peppered with lots of Sirs and Madams. Here, professors are more approachable, friendlier and encourage you to express your point of view. Almost 90% of the staff and professors are willing to help you, even after scheduled hours.” remarked Meghna. “So you find yourself constantly rediscovering in that process and gradually you are a changed person. By the end of the program you are more confident and outgoing.”

Meghna was most impressed by the multicultural flare of her new campus. “The best part about SOBEY is that you get to interact with so many people from around the world. I had classmates from Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, other African countries, U.K, UAE ; it is an enlivening experience!”

She has earned a Masters in Business economics in India and completed the accelerated MBA program which takes 12 months to complete as opposed to the 16 to 20 month for students without an economics undergraduate or graduate degree. Meghna also had over 3 years of work experience in sales and marketing. Work experience is a key requirement for admission as the program is designed for students who have some sense of the business world before going back to the classroom to benefit from more knowledge.

Meghna completed her MBA and landed a financial advisor position in Scotiabank, Halifax.

When asked about her advice to prospective international students, Meghna said: “Do your homework wisely and don’t just rely on university rankings. There is much more to making an informed decision. Connect with people and ask your questions; I was fortunate to have attended a seminar about pursuing MBA in Canada in my hometown, I went to and fro to a local office to get answers to my questions and finally zeroed in on Sobey. Remember “Knowledge is POWER!!!!!!!!!”


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