Trith Vaishnay – India

Changing your major is possible, even after admission!

“The University of Guelph is very peaceful place that allows me to be positive and focus on my studies”. -Trith Vaishnay BSc. Wild Life Biology

Many prospective students presume that once they choose a university major it is difficult to change – not true in Canada. Case in point, Trith Vaishnay from Mumbai, India, who was admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology program at the University of Guelph. One semester (4 months) into the program, Trith had a change of heart; he decided he wanted to study Wild Life Biology instead.

“After coming here and looking at different options, I would rather do research and field work in animal conservation.” explained Trith.

National Geographic’s monthly magazines were a huge influence on Trith while growing up in Mumbai. He anticipates working for such an organization in the future, despite the fact that animal conservation is a low-demand field in India.

At 18 years, Trith is not your typical Science major; he is a busy young man with an array of interests – such as dancing! Most recently he participated in ‘College Idol’, a fundraiser organized by his Faculty to help the United Way.

Trith describes the University of Guelph as “a very beautiful campus” and adds “it is very peaceful place that allows me to be positive and focus on my studies”.

Although Trith had his share of hard times adjusting to university life in a new country, he has made the most of campus resources available to students including approachable and helpful professors. As the months passed by, Trith found that settling in as foreign student was not as difficult as he first anticipated.

“I never had this experience before to see the way the education system works, in my last two senior years of high school in India my final exam was worth a 100 % of my final grade, here every day there is some assignment or project that counts towards my final mark, so you have to be on your toes the entire semester because everything you do matters.” explains Trith who prefers the Canadian system of grading.


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