Money Matters

Canadian universities offer high quality of education at half the cost of most American universities of similar quality.

How do they do it??

The Canadian system is almost entirely government-funded and quite richly-funded.
The U.S. system, by contrast, has a significant private component, and this is where universities can be so costly.

It is for the same reason that only 78% of Americans have health care insurance, but 100% of Canadians have it.
Similarly, Canadian health care is offered at a single standard but in the U.S. there are different standards. This is one of the reasons Canada ranks high on the better life index.

When you are shopping for a university keep in mind that the Canadian University Application Centre offers research universities costing from $11,500 to $20,000 in annual tuition while in the U.S. the costs of comparable universities are maybe much, much more!

In fact, private four-year colleges in the United States cost an average of $28,500 a year in tuition and fees, according to the College Board — and many much more than that — thus it makes sense for U.S. students to look across the border. For those interested in pursuing graduate school, American institutions are very familiar with the prominent Canadian undergrad schools, so they won’t be put off by a foreign degree.

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Graduating from a Canadian research university gives you worldwide recognition at top universities and with top international companies.