University Costs in Canada for International Students

One of the greatest attractions about Canada is the opportunity to study at a Research University at much lower cost than comparable institutions in the United States, United Kingdom or Australia.

Here is what you need to know on costs and tuition in Canada! All references to money below are in Canadian Dollars.

Tuition Costs:


All degree programs! Two semesters! One academic year!

Some degrees at some universities may cost up to $22,000

Tuition costs range depending on the university and the type of degree.

Canadian research universities are all highly respected across Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

Extra University Fees:


Universities have extra fees for using the gym, or for student groups, or for
getting dental or prescription drug protection. Students must pay these costs.

Different universities have different offerings but the range is $400 to $800

Living Costs:

$ 7,500

Including lodging and meals.
Depending on whether you are on campus or off-campus,
whether you are in a bigger city or a smaller one,
whether you are a 5 minute walk from campus, or a 20 minute walk,
and of course on the quality of the place and, finally,
on how careful you are to make most of your meals at home.

The maximum budget should be $11,000 but much less is possible.

Health Insurance


This includes all doctor or hospital visits.
The Canadian system is unique and amazing.
You get one health card with your own number and you can show this
card anywhere in Canada without paying extra monies.

Some programs cost a little more or a little less ($400-$800)



This cost may also be somewhat more or less depending on the program you
are in and whether you buy new books or old ones.

Other costs to study in Canada


Don’t forget about laundry, or movies, or cell phone or other costs you may have.
This cost will vary depending on your lifestyle and budget.

Don’t forget! If you are an excellent student you may qualify for scholarships and there are many ways to earn money while in Canada.