Great Universities in Canada

What makes Canadian universities so special?

Canadian vs. US universities

Government funded and regulated

You don’t have to worry about quality – it’s all regulated.

The land/building/infrastructure costs for universities in Canada are all paid for by Canadians so your tuition fees do not have to cover any of that! That is why if you compare our research universities to US ones, generally you will pay less (see comparison link).

Research universities

Program Range – Comprehensive

Most of our universities in Canada are comprehensive. You get to meet students from a huge range of disciplines: sciences, arts, education, engineering, nursing, drama, physical education, law, medicine, etc.

Most programs let you take courses from the other disciplines also!

In addition, the federal government invests heavily in university research, giving students who study in Canada close ties to cutting-edge innovation.
See the PDFs below for more information:

Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia

Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia

Program Flexibility

If you don’t get into the program you want the first time, study hard, and switch after first year.

If you get the one you want, but you prefer another, no problem, switch without losing any course credit!

Combine the specialties you want. Computer science with multimedia? No problem! Economics and Business? Sure! Biology and psychology? Absolutely!

You build your own personal program of studies taking the courses that most suit your abilities and interests.

Work permits

You can work on-campus on arrival.

You can work off-campus after 6 months of studies. Find out more »


Canada has the most sophisticated system of work programs as
part of your studies. Get great experience, earn great money!
Programs include engineering, business, computer science (etc). If
there isn’t “co-op” for your program there will likely be a volunteer
option to get work experience that will help you get a paid job.


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